Within the context of an organization that was managed by
Turkish Exporters Assembly in July, foreign mission delegates from
several countries made a visit to GEMAK GROUP

Istanbul Exporters Union which is part of the Turkish Exporters  Assembly, organized a tour  to present maritime sector and  shipyards in Turkey to foreign mission delegates. Consuls General from 10 countries, commercial consultants from  12 countries and  investment consultants attended to these visits. At the organization that shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversion and yatching branches were  presented, GEMAK Group represented shiprepair and conversion sector in Turkey.

We hosted the distinguished group in Tuzla Gemi shipyard. The shipyard manager Selçuk Yeldan made a presentation about shiprepair and conversion sector and our facilities. After the presentation, the group walked through the shipyard, they saw docks, dockland,  watched a ship conversion work at the painting stage very  closely.  The guests  were so interested in conversion works, they noted down their impressions throughout the tour. They said that they had been  really curious about this kind of sector that made 1,1 billion dolars export in Turkey last year and this organization had been very efficacious.

Organization in Tuzla Gemi ended in a lunch altogether  in Tuzla.




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